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Order of Constantine Awarded to Alpha Lambda Dave Bruns

Each year, the Order of Constantine recognizes a group of up to 14 Sigma Chi brothers for their commitment, dedication and service to the Fraternity. Induction into the Order of Constantine is considered to be the highest honor the Sigma Chi Fraternity can bestow upon one of its members. The honor of being named a “Constantine Sig” has been conferred on less than 500 brothers since the inception of the Order of Constantine at the 47th Grand Chapter in 1948.

Recently, Alpha Lambda alum and House Corporation Director David W. Bruns (’74) received this high honor. Fall 2011 Alpha Lambda Consul Nick Miller best summarized Coach Bruns’ commitment to the chapter in his letter of recommendation below.

To Whom It May Concern:

        When Brett Armstrong, the Alpha Lambda House Corporation President, approached me and asked whether I would be willing to write a letter on behalf of Dave Bruns’ nomination for the Order of Constantine, I could not start writing soon enough. Never have I met a man who genuinely cares about the Alpha Lambda Chapter and the Sigma Chi Fraternity as much as Dave does, and he is certainly worthy of such a high distinction.

        I first met Dave when I was elected as the Alpha Lambda Chapter’s Pro Consul in the winter of 2011. The Consul at the time informed me on the first day of the semester that we were meeting this guy named Dave for lunch later in the week to discuss Chapter matters. I had no idea who Dave was or what his role with the Chapter was, but I was happy to tag along for a free lunch. After talking with Dave for five minutes, I felt like I had known the man for years. He was so personable, so genuine, and so passionate. Being new to my position, I did not speak much that meeting. However, I learned more about the Alpha Lambda Chapter at that one meeting than I had in my previous two years as a Sig. Dave spoke of the history of the Alpha Lambda Chapter, his experiences as a Sig in the 1970’s, and offered advice to Danny and myself on how to be successful leaders – both that semester and in life.

        I have continued meeting with Dave every few weeks – throughout my term as Pro-Consul and now Consul – and he has taught me invaluable leadership skills that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I am a better student, leader, and Sigma Chi because of my relationship with Dave. To me he is not only a brother, but a mentor and a role model. Dave embodies everything that a Sigma Chi should strive to be. His influence on our Chapter will be felt for a very long time, and there is not a question in my mind that we would not be where we are at today if it were not for the influence Dave has had.

        It is just now that I am seeing his credentials as a Sigma Chi for the first time. Former Quaestor, Rush Chairman, and Consul. 30 year Director on the House Corporation, Manager of the LLC. Three time Grand Consul citation recipient. Instrumental in raising funds to build the new Alpha Lambda Chapter House. While these alone may merit him to be a member of the Order of Constantine, I believe it is his direct involvement and dedication to the members of the Alpha Lambda Chapter that qualify him for the award. His teachings and his advice will take me a long ways in life, and that is why I recommend Dave to receive the honor of the Order of Constantine.               

In Hoc Signo Vinces,

Nick Miller
Consul, Alpha Lambda Chapter
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Thank you to Nick for allowing us to share his letter of recommendation as it really summarizes Brother Bruns numerous contributions to the Alpha Lambda Chapter.  Congratulations Brother Bruns on your recognition and thank you for your continued service to Sigma Chi.

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